Daytrippin’ Port Aransas

Out of shrimp!? Out of grouper!? What to do? Oh yeah, let’s do a day trip to Port A.

We went to Central Market in San Antonio first to buy everything for our culinary visit to Turkey (to be continued). Yeti coolers are not cheap, but they are really, really worth it. Everything stayed fresh all day.

CaptJoeOur first stop was our favorite seafood vendor, Captain Joe. We loaded the cooler with 12 pounds of medium and large shrimps, 8 jumbos for the barbie, and a bag of grouper fillets.


Made it to the Ferry Landing around 2:15 PM for a 45 minute wait to board. Finally got to the island & headed straight to the South Jetty.



Even though it was an overcast day, hey, it is the beach!! We set up just down from the jetty and watched the shrimp boats sail by. Lots of folks around, but not as crowded as we have seen it in the past.

IMG_0567After a couple of hours of soaking in the rays and salt air, we rinsed off at the public showers, shed our swim suits for street clothes, and headed over to Trout Street B&G for a late lunch. So, we have eaten here many times. Mostly we get the fried shrimp plate. The shrimp are cooked to perfection with just enough batter to hold the delicious red sauce served with them. A bunch of wavy-cut crispy fried potatoes add another dimension. The service is always spot on 5-star, the Bloody Mary’s have that tang that makes one want to never stop drinking them, and the shrimp taste fresh with just the right amount of crunch.

IMG_0566Of course, the venue is serene against the yacht club. We can watch the charter boats and freighters glide by on their way to deeper waters, or returning from same.

Ratings: 5-star service; 5-star food (fried oysters are just as good & crispy); 5-star venue; 3-star value (They should serve cole slaw & bread. $18 for six shrimp and a few potato fries is a bit over the mark.)

If you frequent Port A and have some alternate suggestions, as do I, let us know.


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