Alamo Springs Cafe: a review

Google maps shows a right turn off of SH1376 onto Lukenbach-Cain City Road. Watch for the first right turn with a STOP sign, because there is no street sign. It’s a pleasant drive with a panoramic view off the passenger side all the way to Fredericksburg. Be careful as there are a few “one vehicle only” low water crossings.


As you approach Old Tunnel WMA look for a left turn to Alamo Springs. The cafe is just on the right. It is nondescript, to say the least, but once inside one gets that Hill Country ambience. You know, that means loads of Waylon, Willie and the boys, Kinky for Governor posters, and wanna-be-clever sayings.

The menu is beyond burgers including catfish, goat cheese/roasted garlic crostini, and soup of the day … cheese burger (one wonders if it is left-overs). The big deal is the El Jefe burger. Eat it in under 30 minutes with fries and it is free. Otherwise, pay the man $29. There is a wall of shame with photos of those who have achieved this dubious conquest. Most interesting is a young woman who devoured said in 5 minutes 30 seconds. Wow!ASjefe

Coolers on the side wall are full of interesting brews, lots of Shiner ($4 each). Grab whatever and pay by honesty. We ordered the cheeseburgers ($7.50 ea.) on jalapeño cheese buns $1 extra each). So huge one cannot get a complete bite at once, and extreme flavor. We had a whole order of onion rings ($4). Unless the two of you have a voracious appetite, get a half order. Trying to eat as many as possible we left a full third. They arrive hot, crunchy, and packed full of flavor.ASburger

Food: 5 star pub grub; Service: 2 star (we had to find someone to wait on us); Value: 4 star, only because the food is soo good). Hey, it’s an experience.

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