Foodie Finds

Round two of the Central Market Small Batch Craft Ice Cream brain freeze. Today’s lineup includes Coconut Ginger, Hazelnut Latte, and Jamaican Jam.


Coconut Ginger: If you have a dessert that calls for a coconut based ice cream, this is the one. It offers a fresh coconut taste with crispy bits of toasted coconut. Add in the hint of ginger and you get a really refreshing bowl full of luscious sweet creaminess. This will definitely find its way back to me freezer!

Hazelnut Latte: Since latte is a blend of milk, usually steamed, and coffee, usually expresso, this blend misses the mark. Rather than incorporating an expresso, CM choose a rather bland “blonde-roasted coffee” that weakly bleeds through the sweetness of the cream. Sorry, not a repeat for me.

Jamaican Jam: If you cannot read the description under the word JAM, it says, “Dark rum, sweet cream and fresh date jam combined with a pinch of sea salt.” If this is what you are expecting, don’t buy it. Of course, one can taste the sweet cream, and, if one focuses, a bit of the jam. The dark rum and sea salt fall subtly on me palate … as in, I cannot distinguish them at all. Sorry, CM. I won’t be putting this in me freezer again.

My love for ice cream emerged at an early age – and has never left! ~ Ginger Rogers

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