Foodie Finds

Another threesome from the Central Market Small Batch Craft Ice Cream gallery. This review covers Buttermilk Caramel, Chile Pepper Pecan, and Lemon Crème with Rosemary Shortbread.


Butternut Caramel: Ice cream made with buttermilk…WHAT!? It works. This creamy blend of buttermilk gives it a tangy subtleness. Then, one bites into a swirl of rich, sweet caramel for a flavor switch that is oh, so, good.

Lemon Crème with Rosemary Shortbread: One might think that lemon juice paired with the hint of buttermilk might be a bit over-the-top tangy, but no. The combination works only because of the bits of shortbread hiding in each spoonful. This offers a refreshing taste with a chew.

Chile Pepper Pecan: O.M.G. Central Market nailed it with this combo. What a luscious bled of chile pepper jam, chiles, and peppered pecans with a good ol’ sweet vanilla ice cream. My number 1 pick out of them all so far. Just as the chile bites your palate, the sweetness of the cream makes it all good. And, to top it off, pecans give it a crunch. Delicious!

You can pour melted ice cream on regular ice cream. It’s like a sauce! ~ Chris Pratt

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