Where Are You?

With a graduate degree from Texas A&M University-College Station (WHOOP) I consider myself an educated man. I know what I know, and I know what I do not know. Of course, like us all, I do not know what I do not know. Actually, I never really thought about that… until… I went through the Master Naturalist training. To use the contemporary vernacular, I got woke. 

At least I thought so until I came across a Biological Quiz entitled, Where Are You? This series of questions “woke” me to my relationship with my place in nature and my natural surroundings that I call home. Of the twenty-nine questions I offer five below.

  1. Can you trace the water that you drink from precipitation to tap?
  2. What is the land use history by humans of your bioregion within the past century?
  3. What animal or plant species have become extinct in your bioregion?
  4. What is the the greatest threats to the integrity of the ecosystem in your bioregion?
  5. What particular place or places have special meaning to you in your bioregion?

I threw in one that we all can answer. Actually, several answers are found in the Texas Master Naturalist handbook. You can find the complete quiz on the Regenerative Design Institute website. The objective is to get to know your bioregion better.

After all, it is the place that you call home.

One Planet Living graphic by Bioregional.com

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