Foodie Finds 04/21

Here are three really good finds for you foodie lovers.

First up are these delicious lemon sugar cookies. They have the ingredients that make them so, sugar and lemon. This is a serendipitous find. We were in Galveston staying in a hotel at the shore. After dinner my sweet tooth screams for attention. We needed a couple of things, so to Kroger we went. I happened upon these and, OMG, what a find. They are even a Kroger brand; I know unbelievable.

Next on the list is this great find. We love tuna fish, but the store brands are lacking in flavor. I make a tuna sandwich that is panini-pressed and super for dinner and again at lunch the next day. I usually use fresh tuna from the fishmonger, BUT, Becky found this alternative. It is not cheap, but the flavor rivals fresh, in sandwich or niçoise. Believe me, you will not regret it.

Last. but certainly not least, I offer the latest in cherries. I did a foodie find early on about jarred cherries, but, since they are unavailable everywhere, we tried these. Wow, always a stem, always plump, and always bursting with that cherry flavor. Great as a topping on ice cream or floating in your favorite drink. BTW: there is a reason why the jar looks half empty.

You gotta give all these a try. Let me know how you like them, or not.


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