Caddo Mounds SHS Redux

Back in February I wrote about the Caddo Mounds SHS. I regret to post this, but some of you may not be aware of its current status. On Saturday, 13 April 2019, a category EF-3 tornado roared through the site. Everything in its wake was destroyed.

If you recall, I posted about Caddo Culture Day scheduled for that same day. My plan to attend changed to a seminar on plant taxonomy about 40 miles in the opposite direction. The event was happening when the storm blew in. Many people sought refuge inside the visitors center. Some ran to the parking lot to get into their cars. Unfortunately, no place was safe against the 140 mile per hour winds.


The storm blew through the SHS. Cars were tossed into a pile across the way. Three people inside the Grass House were thrown hundreds of yards. Those seeking safety inside the center found themselves under rubble as the roof and walls collapsed.


Thank goodness one of the attendees was a medical doctor. After dragging himself from the wreckage, he was able to assist the most wounded. It took two hours for ambulances to arrive. Several attendees were evacuated to local hospitals via helicopter.

The National Weather Service in Shreveport, LA is investigating whether the storm was on a continuous track. If so, it was grounded for 45 miles. However, there were two tornados confirmed, so only time and meteorology expertise will tell.

Today we know the results of this tragedy:
1 dead,
7 in critical condition,
the visitors center demolished,
the grass house gone.


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